a friend’s blog just reminded me of reflection’s peace. so here i go…

as i think about the week, the really fun times and the stuff i’d rather blow up, God’s grace becomes more apparent to me and i rest there. today will not bother tomorrow nor will it allow yesterday to stop it from dreaming…that’s what i hope anyway. i keep on asking God to fill my head with His dreams. and i’ve decided that that’s one of the best prayers i could ever pray! thanks Holy Spirit for talking!!

these days i’ve been dreaming quite a bit about my scholarly life, my writing life, the stuff that blossomed in chicago. yes folks, in the midst of all that concrete, something actually grew! so now the aim is to really carve out the time to do it, find intentional well-paying ways to do it 🙂 and learn and have fun and run around in circles clapping my hands…or not. i certainly want to use the word “notion” more often and concoct crazy long sentences with intentionally smart punctuation that keeps the reader glued no matter how loud her stomach growls, no matter how hard his eyes fight to stay open, no matter how many complaints i get; simplicity isn’t always effective neither is it always interesting.

these days i’ve also been dreaming about music, the life that grew in alberta…fertile soil. it’s not that i became a diva there. oh contrare mon frere! but i learned to love God more through music, love people more through music. and now it’s time to broaden that sphere, too. if i record another 8 measures on my 10-yr-old tape recorder but don’t actually work to perfect anything, i think i might just lose my mind.

but before i get caught up in my dreams and forget to feed my stomach, let me wrap this up by telling you the greatest thing about this week.

i had 2 midterms (learning opportunities hehe) and as i sat in the library studying for them, God gave me one of the most beautiful insights about His love. i was literally trying to memorize details about the themes and structures of Matthew and Mark when suddenly i was thinking about how God loves me. that’s not natural. i don’t habitually gaze into thin air and ponder God’s love especially not while hoping that all the info contained in my wonderful moleskine note book will stick in my head for the next 24 hours. but there it was, a biblical revelation of God.

i smile when i think about the fact that He still speaks.

amen amen amen

also, my learning opportunities were fabulous! yay God!

One Reply to “reflection”

  1. Yay for God speaking! Wanna write a piece of my book??? I nominate you!

    And I made an appointment to meet with “The Editors” YIKES!

    Word habit…have you ever had to 'eat your words' as they say?

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