i tried loving you

no, this is not a human love poem…trust me. it’s me talking to God after recognizing His guidance

i tried loving you

hid the sunshine, packed the tears
dusted off a million fears
wondered why i couldn’t hear
i tried loving you

searched my heart in different lands
held the bible in my hand
took a fall but not a stand
i tried loving you

kissed goodbye the common place
kept a smile upon my face
trained for every single race
but failed loving you

finally gave up my time
took your hand and cut off mine
gave away another dime
still failed loving you

prayed for wind and rain to cease
cooked up picture perfect peace
dreamt of permanent relief
then stopped loving you

you don’t need a gourmet meal
served atop a packaged deal
reciped by how i feel
i stopped loving you

giving thought only to light
wishing not for my own sight
living for that first-class flight

and now
i think
i’m loving you

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