don’t want to sleep

(wish i had a laptop…soon.)

i’m feeling a bit restless but awefully tired and yet happy all at once. despite the last post, i’m a happy woman. so i’d rather stay awake and contemplate my happiness.

i’m in the office that i share with 3 others. my plants are here b/c my place is too cold at the moment (carpets drying). and these suckers are just florishing. my word! maybe one will have to take up residence here permanently. or maybe i’ll just cut off a piece in a few days, repot it and leave it. a plant will certainly do this space good. am i my mother’s child or what? ha

i’m also happy about other things like friends calling and having good convo and remembering past escapades and looking forward to future gatherings.

amidst all the craziness of life, i’m loving it still…so i don’t want to sleep, just want to ponder…

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