quick update

i had a quiz in my church history class today. and i got 5 out of 5!

you may be asking “so what? that’s 5 stinkin points…what’s the big deal?”

listen, i came here to get an education and get it good. that means “A” grades. i know…it’s not a matter of salvation but the 5 not only represents the good grades i want but the fact that God has truly been blessing each step of the way. i haven’t had as much time as i’d like to study simply because i’m tired and also have to work and cook and exercise and sleep. i was up at some horrible hour again today. i asked the Lord to wake me when He saw fit. as soon as i woke, i begged for more time…please Lord, just a few more minutes!! please!!! so He gave me a few more then woke me up again. by the time i actually got up, it was 4:30…yes, 4:30 AM!! i finished reading and studying for my daily quiz, unsure of just how much i’d retain, praying that i’d get everything right. God blessed! He helped me do my part–study–and He helped me recall (minor spelling errors not included)

the 3 i got yesterday will not do ever again! i’m shooting for the moon folks! the moon!! and God’s right beside me reminding me that i’ll be okay…even if i don’t always get 8 hours : )

missing home but holding on….

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