oh yeah!

i was backed by a jazz band today….so lovely! i’ve never had this experience, not big band style. i messed up a few times…forgot when to come in. but oh well. folks probably didn’t know. and hey, i only practiced with the band twice and one of those times i only practiced one song. so for that little practice time, i’d say this was quite brilliant 🙂

and from there, a few of us hung out at a friends place. a concert must always be followed by nice chill time with mint tea. ah. yes.

i’ve done a lot…. A LOT of singing lately. not sure why i haven’t talked about it all yet. maybe this week as things have died down. it has all been an amazing time, a time that has reinforced what i already know….i need to do A LOT more singing! and while i’m at it, maybe make some money??

to bed…

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