i’ve been learning a lot, A LOT, of lessons lately. the growing pains absolutely stink but i’m thankful God has patience. the lessons are:

i should not allow my hair to mess up my subconscious and therefore control (limit) my behaviour unnecessarily
i should welcome the sense of urgency to live a life that pleases the Lord
i should put my immediate and extended family first as i witness
i should not use “tough luck” as a way to dismiss self improvement
i should be more in touch with my emotions
i should learn to cook well
i should not look at the world through boxing gloves…not everything’s a fight
i should often shut up and really, really listen
i should not use silence as the measure of a man
i should often take the advice i give

okay, i’m going to stop there. coz i’ve also learned that i should go to bed by 10pm.

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