a while

that’s what it’s been…a while.

haven’t done a lot of things in a while.

haven’t slept for long.

haven’t exercised.

haven’t written in this here space.

and most importantly, it seems, i haven’t read for a good period of time. it shows as i type and key “write” instead of “right” or “hear” instead of “here”…those are called homophomes in case you didn’t know. and i don’t even know if that word’s spelled write…there i go again. this is one of the few times that i’m thankful “read” isn’t “reed”…

yes, i really need sleep.

but i’d rather stay up late chatting with friends, catching up on months of time apart. this weekend is bound to leave me sick and ragged. is it worth it? i’ll know on tuesday.

for now, i bask in the sweetness of slow paced berrien springs.


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