btk — billy the kid?

no. bind torture kill (in case you aren’t up on the news).

he’s getting all life sentences with no possibility of parole until 40 years from now when he’ll be 100. and if he’s put among the prisons general population with no one to guard his safety, he’ll be lucky to live even half those years. madness. the prosecution is wicked. yeah, rader’s no poster child for huggies but boy does he need a hug!

i like to think he’s repentant. maybe i’m too hopeful. i certainly see no point in wishing death upon him….remember, that’s just like killing him. then i’d have to go on trial and we know that would just be too dramatic. all the crying…i just couldn’t take it. my eyes would get puffy. oh no!

but seriously though, it takes too much energy to hate and wishing that someone would die….well, i just pray i never do.

be thou kind (before the kingdom).


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