i need some time…give me a few minutes, or hours…tomorrow’s good.

okay, maybe just a few minutes. i need to write. so here:

i’m starting a new ministry which is, in a way, like starting a new life. it’s called m3ministry and instead of telling you a whole lot about it, i’ll allow you to check the site and give me feedback. it needs some more adjustments and additions but for now, that’s what i’ve got down. i’m going to keep it as simple as possible and update it as often as possible.

the ministry is a huge step for me. i’m kicking fear and venturing into waters that may be deep, muddy, shark or crock infested, or even frozen over. but i’m heading out. i’ve got the gear i presently need and other gear may be purchased, borrowed, or accepted in gift form (preferably) along the journey.

i ask for your prayers. i’m happy about my decision. it’s a peace-giving decision.

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