things to be thankful for:

i’m getting rid of the nashville weight
i feel as if i’m getting a job that won’t consume all my energy
i’m heading in a direction God wants me in
i ate some nice tasting mango
i’ll be in bed by 11 tonight

things to be upset about:

i ate too much mango
maybe i won’t get to bed by 11 tonight
dialup feels slower and slower every day
i haven’t spent enough time working on my writing lately

things to smile over:

an old family friend is here for a few days and she’s lovely
i got nashville pics developed
i’ve been name dropping almost all day long


things really seem to be lining up. i mean, it’s not like i’m getting all sort of money tossed my way and it’s not like i’m getting a recording contract…that’s not my definition of “lining up.” what i’m meaning is that i just have a strong knowledge that i’m on the right road, in the right story, seeing the proper sun. it’s good. but stuff like this takes time. this isn’t overnight magic.

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