i’m about

2 days behind. i hate that. how’d i get 2 days behind on the calendar? it’s this busy schedule i suppose.

there’s something i forgot to mention yesterday, i think. i was sitting at lunch, minding my business, when one of the voice teachers came up to me. he said he enjoyed my singing friday night and was wondering if i was taking lessons. i said yes. he said good. after he left i realized that maybe, just maybe, he wants to give me lessons. and since it was my last day with my voice teacher, maybe, just maybe, this man could fit me into his schedule sometime in the next few days. but those thoughts were after he’d left.

i pondered and decided to ask. what’s the hurt in asking? so i asked. he explained that he didn’t want to step on any toes if i was taking from anyone else but since i’m no longer, he’d love to work with me when possible. he said he heard some things on friday he’d like to work on. i said, for sure and he said he’d snatch me sometime during the rest of the week.


did i mention that God is good?!?! and it’s not like i’d need to pay extra. he just wants to help me out if he can.

now i’m afraid of wasting time during the last few days i have here….

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