oh yeah!

i’ve got good news and i’m so used to being formal with my speech that i can’t even share it without sounding stuffed. i just deleted a sentence that i thought clearly expressed my happiness but please, who was i kidding.

what i really want to say is:

i’m getting published!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, it’s not my book yet but it’s an article for the Adventist Review. it’s an unsolicited piece (which in my world makes a whole lot of difference, good difference) and they’re not sure when they’ll publish it but they want first rights, etc. so i have to fill out an agreement form, send in a picture, etc. and they’ll give me money, a byline, etc.


now when i send out my book i can say a little more in my cover letter or proposal. yes, i have other things published but not much in the current article department.

anyway, thanks for sharing my joy. thank you God for making this possible!

sweet doggy!

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