the hilton — the book

yes, i spent a night in the hilton at o’hare airport. i volunteered to fly out a day later so they treated me nice(ly).

i had a conference room: a nice long table with 5 cushy chairs around it, a flip chart, a white board, a bed that came down from the wall, a 2-seater couch, a single seat couch, side tables, coffee tables, bar space, and all the rest…

it was the perfect work space but i didn’t have enough hours. i suppose i could have stayed up late since my flight wasn’t till noon and i already had my boarding pass but in all my excitement i wasn’t thinking so critically.

regardless, it was wonderful and i did do some work. got an outline of how i’ll use psalm 88 in my book (thanks pr. russell) and i finished book revisions on the plane in between head bucking.

it’s going to happen. i’m going to get this book out of my hands and into the world. because God’s helping me so all is possible and all will be.

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