less is love

some of us are still learning this, some of us already know and are living examples of it: less is more.

or as i like to put it, less is love.

as i help a friend with the final plans for her big day, i recognize the pressure to please, the pressure to save face, the pressure to create something really good for others.

and i realize that we are incapable of doing any of those well at all times. and they shouldn’t consume our thoughts but they do.

in five days, it will all be over. place tags will be trashed. flowers will be trashed. leftovers will be trashed. and some people may no longer like each other. and all because a couple decided to say “i do.”

i don’t mean to make weddings sound like a drag. i think they’re lovely. the symbolism, the atmosphere, the reunion of friends and family — it’s all fabulous. but it need not consume. nothing we do should cause us to lose focus of what really matters.

and what is that michaela, you may ask? love is simple. we need not add too much fancy trimming in order to love. contentment doesn’t have to have a bow on it.

and those, dear friends, are my words of wisdom for the day.

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