How to trust your feelings without losing your mind – Part 3

I just realized that I should say this:

In order to be able to trust your feelings, you have to make sure that you’re feeding your feelings appropriately. For example, if you’re always tuned in to pop culture and nothing more, your feelings will probably be based on the ideas of people making a lot more money than you, living lives you’ll never live, having problems you don’t ever want to have. But you may think (subconsciously) that what they have is what you need. Therefore, when you make decisions based on your feelings, you’re not making decisions based on who you are without the rest of the world in your head. Consequently, you’ll never find satisfaction, you’ll always feel lower on the success stick (that is also a figment of your pop culture imagination), and you’ll remain stuck in an angst-filled “I don’t know what to do” world.


So now what?

Feed you feelings appropriately by getting rid of all those things, people, attitudes, etc, that don’t help you see yourself the way God sees you. I won’t spoon feed you with texts. If you want to be able to trust your feelings from time you time, you’ll do your homework yourself.

I pray you see the light.


This will probably be the last one of these…I’m not fond of creating sequels.

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