daily preparation

have your mornings ever prepared you for your days?

mine often do, especially this morning.

i’ve been reading one of my favourite books to start my day. it’s a compilation of old writings by the likes of A Kempis and de Sales.

this morning i read something that made me ask, “okay God, what’s about to go down?”

by 5 o’clock stuff had gone down. i walked rapidly to send a fax. the fax related to a good thing; however, it wasn’t enough to take my mind off the bad. but as i walked and my mind raged, i remembered that i’d read something many hours earlier. it had comfort attached to it. i couldn’t remember exactly what it said but i knew that part of it had to do with being able to praise God despite the bad.

when i got back home, i flipped to the page.

psalm 30.

i’m not quite dancing yet but i’m encouraged, encouraged enough to stay up just a little longer to write this all down.

you who read this, know this: it’s gonna be okay…in time. stay hopeful.

day 2 of post 25…

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