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Do I Write or Do I Garden?

If any of these good looking dark green, deep red, light green, thin, fat, lanky, abundant air cleansers, butterfly attracters, and deer candy end up in the heap of compost behind our fence, I’ll have a few really bad days all in a row.

I don’t have enough time for even one.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not going to write tonight.


i typically write when i have a clear idea of what i want to say. those moments are loaded with energy, excitement, readiness and there’s almost an urgency–these words must be shared. so when a day like today rolls around, a day without “ah ha” moments to speak of, it’s easy to find more joy […]


ready? nope.

i’ve been doing a fair amount of listening lately. i know this because there are these seemingly random thoughts that jump into my consciousness and after a little bit of where did you come from, where did you go i realize that they’ve come from other people. they are the frustrations and joys posted on facebook, […]


the first line

during today’s morning walk, my mind happened upon a line, a really good line, a line i wrote down once i got back home so that i can one day complete the story. i often wonder what would happen if i intentionally wrote each morning…

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