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in just a few words

i’m determined to speak briefly, say enough and no more. i have a bad habit of rambling on and on and on… and it’s not b/c i’m a woman. i think it’s a matter of finding my voice late and finding authority in my voice even later. so i’ve got a lot to catch up […]


what we say

impressed. i feel impressed to say… believe. i believe that you are… think. i think that you should… (insert excrement from the body of a huge cud-chewing male mammal) who told us that we have to always know what to say? how dare we believe it? yes, sometimes SOMETIMES we have the right words at […]



i just spelled journey that way. yes. i did it. as i excitedly typed away at my exegesis paper, i spelled g-e-r-n-y as the voice in my head said journey. yes. yes, i did it. yes, yes, i can make mistakes. yes i can


in the beginning…

there weren’t a lot of words that i’m aware of. then again, my only proof sits in the words of the B-I-B-L-E (which is, indeed, the book for me and all of you. but that’s another topic for another post).* Genesis 1:1 says that God spoke and things came into existence, “let there be light, […]


use your words carefully

this record is broken broken is this record is this record broken? this broken is record record, this is broken broken, this record is this broken record is is this broken record? is broken record this? is record this broken? if 95% of what we say is foolish does that mean the other 5% is […]

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