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i have the best husband. (okay, yours may be great too…) yesterday was a rough one, one that brought to the surface a load of my frustrations and i overflowed. he was there. holding me. reassuring me. and then he said, “can i pray for you?” and this is love…


talking with God

semantics get the best of us and sometimes make the worst of us… …yet i’m trying something new. instead of saying that i’m “praying” i’m going to start saying (at least to myself) that i’m “talking with God” and as i carefully critique my word choice, i’m going to see what difference it makes. after […]


thanks man?

as i sauntered home, critiquing the song just sung and remembering my desire to keep raising the bar for myself, i started talking to God and the words “thanks man” came to mind.but just as quickly came the thought, “what?! God’s not one of my boys!” my justin blogged the other day (or week, or […]


history belongs

to those who pray. that’s the lyric and it sort of scares me. there’s something to be said for owning the past and for owning it because you prayed and believed and God answered in agreement with your prayer. if i only believed. i used to avoid cooking as if it were a leprosy conduit. […]


Order My Steps

That’s basically how my morning prayer concluded. And I’ve had an interesting day filled with what I know to be God-ordered steps. I mean, what are the chances that I’d be alert enough at work to accomplish so many necessary things, tying up lose ends to ensure smooth future events? And how could I possibly […]


what if a break is good?

i’m in charge of a young adult ministry. nothing’s happened since march-ish. i take the blame but it’s not as if people are knocking down my door or tying up my phone line asking what the deal is. i was just visited by this thought: what if nothing happens until august? what if we take […]

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