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Oh God of commandments too clear to question Commandments that usher us into your presence If we listen May the words of our mouths And the meditations of our hearts* Be transformed in your sight Indicative of our eyes fixed on you Our relationships led by you Our lives surrendered to you Oh God our […]


Call Him Up — learning to pray

I’m remembering years ago when email still felt young and social media only existed in MySpace and that one thing with a name I can’t recall that had thousands of people from Brazil. I wasn’t yet saying everything out loud to my 1,698 friends/kind-of-friends. No. Especially prayer requests. When I had prayer requests, I would […]


500: now

The plants need watering. It’s best to do it at the coolest part of the day. That would be now. I have a sermon to write and the order of service pieces need to be in by today. I should work on that now. We have travel plans. It always takes a bit to not […]


a song

i was asked to sing for a program. things went a little long and i wasn’t able to sing after all. i wasn’t disappointed…i’m not THAT much of a diva. 🙂 i was actually a little relieved because i had planned to sing a cappella. the last time i sang a solo a cappella was […]



This Is the Stuff just popped into my head as I clicked “new post.” Been up since 3 and moved from “I should be able to go back to sleep” to “it ain’t happnin” as all the stuff that I have yet to complete at work flooded my brain and then my knee pain kicked in, […]

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