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what if a break is good?

i’m in charge of a young adult ministry. nothing’s happened since march-ish. i take the blame but it’s not as if people are knocking down my door or tying up my phone line asking what the deal is. i was just visited by this thought: what if nothing happens until august? what if we take […]


mysterious ways

i don’t know why a lot of things are the way they are. like how people are blessed by what i allow God to do through me. like how i’m blessed even though i’m clearly human. i don’t know the why…but i’m thankful for the now and for the when. i’m content in the how […]


time well spent

i’ve been missing my time spent with God so i hoped i’d wake early so i could talk to Him and read the bible and talk some more. so after my crazy nightmare was documented, we spent time in Acts 27. courage — my pastor always asks me how my courage is. hope — the […]

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