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My Girl & My God

I know, I should be sleeping. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Yeah yeah. I’ve got thoughts running through my head that must be sorted through. So here I go. A couple of nights ago, I was done. I mean, not really but it felt like it. It felt like confusion frustration and helplessness had gotten […]


if i can help somebody

today i woke up in a bit of a funk. i’m an idealist. i woke up knowing i’d slept but not feeling rested. bumber #1. and that’s all it took to begin my focus on things i cannot control. like whether or not those i minister to and with are receiving proper spiritual nurture at […]


and then…

(from june 24, 2014) when you haven’t yet cried over something and then the flip is randomly switched… it’s such a vulnerable space. the tears flow as if to say, “dare us to stop,” and you know it’s good and right and real and honest. and still. it confuses while simultaneously clarifying.  you could have […]



Sometimes life surprises and beauty appears on walls, in jokes, with food and with people you never would have thought could be one big crazy college family. God’s grace is visible here.

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