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advent (day 7) perfect (pt 1).

It’s a good thing no one ever needs what I knit. Sixteen years ago this past February, I hopped on a plane from Chicago to London. Those were the days of $250 round trip flights. I booked last minute so it was truly a steal and a blessing–I was going to surprise my grandmother for […]


advent (day 6) music.

One of the ways to get my dad to overreact is to say the lyric, “I lay me down.” By now, I think he loves getting worked up about the lack of substance found in this song. He huffs and puffs while the rest of us laugh. What should we be singing? There’s a lot […]


advent (day 5) father.

1st piece: You can read it here: 2nd piece: “What do you want me to learn about you?” This is a simple prayer I prayed tonight before settling down to write, cross-legged on my gray mid-century couch, laptop in tow. It would be horrible if I completed this Advent journey and missed something God […]


advent (day 2) fear.

I share two pieces on my podcast. You can also read them, if you’d prefer. Major kudos to the readers. 1st piece: You can find the original post right here: 2nd piece: One thing I find fascinating about Advent is that it was originally not only a focus on the birth of Jesus but […]

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